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HD Buttercup

The bedroom and office in your home couldn’t be more different. Both plan an integral role in your life as you try to get a full night’s sleep or power through another work project. Regardless of what your work-life balance looks like, we have all the furniture you need to turn your home’s bedroom and office into a welcoming environment that helps you get comfortable or stay productive.

A Private Slice of Paradise

Depending on how many people you live with, your bedroom is one of the few rooms in the house that’s completely yours. It’s your own space that you can do pretty much whatever you want with. It’s where you gather your strength after a long day at work and get ready for another day of hustle and bustle. If you want to make every day count, your bedroom needs to be full of soothing furniture and accessories. You’ll be able to relax right away and recharge your batteries before another day comes rolling in.

Give yourself everything you need to get a peaceful night’s rest at HD Buttercup in San Francisco. We carry the following items online or in our showroom near the South Beach Harbor:

  • King and queen beds and bedroom sets
  • Comforters, sheets, and throw pillows
  • Nightstands and dressers
  • Lamps and other bedroom accessories

Feel the stress melt away as you lie down on top of a brand-new bed with Egyptian cotton or linen sheets. It’s the best way to begin and end another day.

A Personalized Work Environment

We’re living in the age of freelancers and remote work, with more people choosing to work out of the comfort of their own home instead of commuting to an office every day. Whether you’re a full-time freelancer or you like to take your work home with you, you need an energizing environment to get all your work done. We have a comprehensive selection of:

  • Work desks
  • Office chairs
  • Desk lamps and lighting accessories
  • Storage cabinets

From drawing tables to conventional business desks, head over to your local HD Buttercup in San Francisco to see what a professional home office looks like.

Jump start your day and upgrade the furniture in your office or bedroom. You can place your order online and get flat-rate shipping to all of California or visit our showroom in San Francisco.