10 Best Scandinavian Furniture Brands To Style Your Home

10 Best Scandinavian Furniture Brands To Style Your Home

When it comes to home decor and styling, furniture selection plays a key role.
The first step in home decoration is selecting a design theme, then breaking it down into two major and minor pieces. 
Big furniture pieces will be the backbone of the theme. The smaller pieces and home accessories will serve a complementary role.
The Scandinavian design concept is trendy and several stores have tapped into the market. However, they brand items as Scandinavian when in reality, they’re not.
For that reason, getting the right item can be challenging. If you miss the mark with furniture selection, you’ll end up with a blend of different themes that might look weird.
To get the right Scandinavian aesthetic, it’s important to understand their design concept and know the right places to buy Scandinavian furniture.
To help you get the right style, we’ll cover the basics of Scandinavian home decor, production materials and highlight our top 10 favorite Scandinavian furniture brands.


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What Is Scandinavian Furniture? 

Scandinavian furniture designs are those inspired by Nordic styles from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The characteristics of Scandinavian designs are:

  • Simplicity
  • Clean lines
  • Minimalism
  • Functionality
  • Beautiful aesthetics


Modern Scandinavian furniture owes its functionality to Arne Jacobsen, the Danish architect who interpreted international functionalism in buildings, interior designs, and textiles.

Arne Jacobsen is among the first designers who envisioned what we now call Scandinavian furniture.

antoine de saint exupery

Why Does Some Scandinavian Furniture Feel Cheap?

Low-quality fabrics with very rough textures degrade the aesthetic, making some Scandinavian furniture look and feel cheap.

Home decor furniture is a long-term investment, so it’s always better to invest in high-quality furniture that will last several years.

When you buy Scandinavian furniture, go for reputable brands. Higher-end brands source products from trusted manufacturers who value quality and give you the best value for your money. 

What Wood is Used in Scandinavian Furniture?

Scandinavian design pieces are made from very light wood with no dark markings. The type of wood used is:

  • Beechwood
  • Ashwood
  • Pinewood
  • Oakwood

Here are the properties of the different types of wood used on Scandinavian furniture.

wood types for scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian style incorporates a bend of light wood and light-colored textures to achieve a clean look. The effect is a chic, expensive-looking interior with minimal effort.

Pinewood is the most popular for its lightweight and stiffness which makes it strong and durable furniture. Being a softwood, pine is inexpensive but still provides quality. The dark marks on pine make it more suitable for use in rustic designs.

Beechwood makes for very strong furniture as it’s heavy and flexible for easy curving and bending. Since beechwood doesn’t do well in moisture, it’s better used in indoor furniture than outdoor. 

Ashwood is very attractive with its straight grain and light-brown hue for sleek furniture finishing. Being a highly flammable wood, ashwood works fine for all furniture, excluding the kitchen.

shades of ashwood for scandinavian furniture

The natural grain pattern in Oakwood gives it a unique look. Scandinavian furniture uses white oak for its lighter hue and sleek finishings. 

Oak is the most affordable and durable hardwood although it’s difficult to cut because of its density. Although delicate, proper treatment prevents oakwood from shrinkage.

oakwood slab for scandinavian furniture

Why Is Scandinavian Furniture So Smooth?

Scandinavian furniture is so smooth when it comes to creating clean lines, neat finishings, and symmetry.

The Scandinavian design is all about minimalist vibes achieved by blending textures and soft hues to bring light and warmth into a living space. Smooth furniture helps bring that out in a seamless way.

Now you know more information about how to select quality Scandinavian furniture, let’s look at the top brands.

The 10 Best Scandinavian Furniture Brands

1. Hay

The Hay brand was founded and is currently directed by Mette and Rolf Hay. The brand stands firm on the principle of providing great designs to everyone by drawing design inspiration from art, architecture, and fashion. 

The co-founders work with the best designers from all over the world to maintain a sense of freshness in their designs and keep up with the world around them. 

Buy Scandinavian furniture from Hay for an assurance of quality and uniqueness.

scandinavian couch Hay Sofa

Pictured: Hay Mags 3 Seater Sofa


2. Ethnicraft

Founded by Philippe Delaisse, the Ethnicraft brand has made its mark in the world of design. The designs are inspired by simplicity and Philippe’s drive for innovation. 


When you buy Scandinavian furniture, you’re looking to get a timeless look, therefore quality matters.

Ethnicraft designs are built from oak wood, ensuring maximum durability and fine finishing. The brand’s commitment to quality and the use of natural materials delivers timeless creations.

scandinavian table ethnicraft oak frame desk


Pictured: Ethnicraft Oak Frame Desk


3. HD Buttercup Studio

HD Buttercup Studio is an in-house brand of HD Buttercup, featuring bespoke home decor from global designers and factories.

With simplicity in mind, the designs are tailored to stand the test of time, thus made from quality materials.

The brand’s furniture designs cut across multiple themes, from Scandinavian to rustic, with simple and unique pieces that cater to all diverse customer needs.


Jayne W.

Great destination

I love this store! Prices are not the only thing to consider, especially when most stores have just their own brands, or own cookie-cutter styles. This place is packed with different items that excite and inspire. I loved browsing and seeing many items I already have in my own home. And yes, they were expensive, but I'm happy the store is there and I will be buying and shopping there frequently. I'm a design junkie anyway.

4. Hem 

Hem means home in Swedish and as the name suggests, their designs are created to bring the homey feeling in every space. 

With their direct-to-customer prices, Hem provides accessibility to high-end home decor pieces for all their customers.

The Sweden-based independent design brand creates new generation furniture, accessories, and lighting. In partnership with vanguard designers, they create ionic products that work for both home decor and workplaces all over the world.

scandinavian furniture hem-pedestal ivory


Pictured: Hem Hide Pedestal - Ivory


5. Knoll 

Knoll is a world-renowned constellation of design-driven brands that create both workplace and residential furnishings and decor that inspire, evolve, and last.  

With a commitment to modern design, Knoll connects people to their work, homes, and world through a unique portfolio of
thoughtful products that are adaptable to changing needs.

scandinavian chair knoll cesca armless

Pictured; Knoll Cesca Armless Chair


6. Menu

Established in 1978, Menu has strived to spruce modern living with a sense of calm through decor with natural tones, high comfort, functionality, and minimalist vibes.

Working with a select group of designers, the Denmark brand is dedicated to elevating daily experience through good design. The designs feature sleek and beautiful everyday home accessories and household items, even for mundane items. 

scandinavian marble plant stand by menu

Pictured; Marble Plant Stand by Menu


7. Fogia

Established in 1981 by Hans Rosander and Lars Fritzell, Fogia has evolved over the years to become an award-winning furniture producer.

The Swedish design company in collaboration with contemporary designers produces handmade Scandinavian furniture for both home decor and public spaces.

Designed with high-end materials and craftsmanship, the products are elegant, purposeful, and built to last. 

scandinavian ottoman fogia

Pictured: Fogia Poppy Ottoman – Terra

8. Very Good & Proper 

Very Good & Proper is a London-based British design company led by designers Ed Carpenter and Andre Klauser. The chief designers commission other renowned designers for a wide range of products.


The company designs and manufactures practical and beautiful products built to last using quality materials and rigorous attention to craftsmanship. The designs are nordic inspired with clean lines and simplicity.

scandinavian bookcase very good and proper

Pictured: Very Good & Proper Bookcase


9. Vitra

Vitra is a family-owned business founded by Willi and Erika Fehlbaum on the principle of good design. The designers are dedicated to creating durable products with absolute functionality. 

The brand owns the Vitra Design Museum which features exhibitions on design and architecture and the Vitra furniture collection. The nordic designs inspire visitors and create a flourishing atmosphere for innovation.

 scandinavian char Vitra Fauteuil De Salon

Pictured: Vitra Fauteuil De Salon Chair


10. Muuto 

Muuto is derived from the Finnish word meaning “new perspectives.”

Designers Kristian Byrge and Peter Bonnen founded the company on the principles of Scandinavian design tradition with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship, and honest artistic expression.

Muuto designers strive to bring in new perspectives on Scandinavian design with pieces like the Muuto sofa―with removable and interchangeable components.

scandinavian sofa muuto

 Pictured: Muuto Connect Right End Modular Sofa


Scandinavian Furniture Stores

With a variety of Scandinavian furniture stores to shop from, your selection should be guided by the type of furniture you’re looking to buy and other design themes including:

  • Vintage
  • Affordability
  • High-end
  • Modern


Vintage Mid Century Modern Furniture

True vintage pieces are a rare find and there’s a high value placed on them. It’s important to check for the label and compare prices with similar sellers to ascertain the value of a piece before purchasing. 

When you buy Scandinavian furniture, don’t shy away from online stores. Etsy and Old Plank are reputable stores for vintage furniture and will deliver to your doorstep.

Affordable Mid Century Modern Furniture

Being on a budget doesn’t have to limit your decor options. Retailers like Wayfair and Urban Outfitters provide quality replicas of real mid-century furniture.

When you buy furniture from a mid-century retail store, check for the type of wood and fabric quality to ensure you get a worthwhile piece that will last.

High-End Mid Century Modern Furniture

When the price is not a factor, it’s easier to access those rare finds. Herman Miller is an authentic design firm that’s dedicated to producing high-quality and unique home decor and office pieces.

For high-end pieces, quality, and aesthetic matter. Get the best value for your money by selecting eye-catching pieces and confirm the quality of materials it’s made from. 

Our Modern Scandinavian Furniture Store

With several reputable stores out there, it’s easy to shop around for decent home decor pieces. The question is, how many stores would you have to visit before getting the right fit for you?  



We stock all the different types from office pieces, living rooms, bedrooms, bedding, clothing storage, and home accessories from different designers.


Buy Scandinavian Furniture

Nordic design and decor are globally loved for their comfortable warmth, clean lines, and minimalism which unite functionally and timelessly for a beautiful aesthetic. It’s easy to incorporate the Nordic design into virtually any home, especially when you know where to shop.

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