18 Striking Outdoor Decor Ideas for Your 2022 Patio Design

18 Striking Outdoor Decor Ideas for Your 2022 Patio Design

Patios are a great place to relax in the summer sun, entertain guests, or spend a nice evening outside. 

However, it can be tough to enjoy your patio if its design is outdated or boring. 

Luckily, there are many ways for you to transform your outdoor R & R space, such as adding a touch of glamor with elegant chandeliers, or placing some simple plants and stones if you prefer a traditional atmosphere.

To that end, we’ve come up with 18 striking outdoor decor ideas to help you create an inviting and beautiful patio.

01 - Choose Modern Accents to Add Depth

outdoor fire pit

When it comes to adding depth to your outdoor environment, modern accents, such as a fire pit, is perfect for adding depth to your space. The flickering flames and glowing embers create a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone will want to gather. 

Ideally, your fire pit should be placed:

  • On a level surface
  • In a wide-open space 
  • 2025 feet away from structures 
  • Away from trees (especially those with low hanging limbs)

02 - Extend Your Living Room With Luxurious Outdoor Throw Pillows 

arch throw

Besides functionality, outdoor throw pillows add color and style to your patio. 

Because they'll largely be used outside, you'll want pillows that are made of durable, all-weather fabrics, such as:

  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Polypropylene

These fabrics can withstand dirt, rain, and sun while still retaining their vibrant color..

03 - Go LARGE With Outdoor Plant Pots

Allia concrete planter

Large outdoor plant pots provide a beautiful backdrop to your patio as well as space for plants to grow and flourish.

Outdoor plant pots, such as the Allia Concrete Planter, create a private oasis away from the outside world and add color, texture, and style to your space.

04 - Set the Mood With Outdoor Hanging Lights

outdoor lamp 

With different colors and styles, outdoor hanging lights will help create a look that fits your personality.

Here are a few tips on how to use outdoor hanging lights to create the perfect patio atmosphere.


Place hanging lights high enough to be visible from a distance but still low enough so you can get a good view of the sky.

Type of Light

You can use incandescent light bulbs as they provide a warm, natural look and are relatively affordable. However, if you prefer brighter bulbs or different color options, opt for LED light panels.

Type of Hanging Light Fixtures

Choose fixtures that bring out the best of your space, such as traditional lanterns, pyramids, and octagons. The table below shows light fixtures, when to use them, and where to position them.

hanging light fixtures

05 - Blur The Indoor🌀Outdoor Decor Lines

outdoor sun-lounger

Create a unique and pleasant outdoor setting by combining features of indoor and outdoor designs. 

If you want a unified aesthetic, you can add the Malmo Outdoor Sunlounge to your patio. This sun-lounger is designed with a back recliner mechanism for maximum comfort—such as you’d expect from an indoor experience—while you relax in the sun.

When choosing your outdoor furniture keep the same color schemes, patterns, and coordinating fabrics as your interior for a seamless feel. 

06 - Display Your Personality With Wall Decor

Helsinki art print

When looking for outdoor wall decor ideas, think about those that complement your personality or artistic interests. 

If the natural world inspires you, consider nature-themed art. You can also use colorful graffiti to add life to your walls, or if you’re a fan of vintage art, add pieces from the 90’s. 

For other ideas, you can try:

  • Investing in custom signage 
  • Creating a feature wall with natural greenery
  • Using brick wallpapers
  • Hanging an outdoor mirror
  • Creating an outdoor shelf display

07 - Make a Statement With Outdoor Table Decor

St Martin outdoor dining table extension

Unique outdoor table decor ideas can add beauty, freshness, and draw attention to your table, while providing you with a comfortable place to enjoy your meals.

Here are some outdoor dining table decor ideas:

  • Combine natural materials such as stone, metals, wood, and botanical materials for a rustic look.
  • Use brightly colored accessories such as a bright umbrella, flowers, and a pretty pot for a more contemporary look.

08 - Add Playfulness to Your Patio with Hanging or Standing Decor

marble plant stand

Add some playfulness to your outdoor space with hanging decor. 

Examples of fun outdoor decor ideas include adding a DIY chandelier, whimsical wind spinner, banner flags, bird feeders, or a wire planter.

09 - Invite Summer With a Caribbean Feel

Caribbean Island

For your pool, add tropical decor, such as palm trees, rocks, a waterfall, and colorful umbrellas for a Caribbean feel. Your pool will not only look aesthetically pleasing but also make you feel like you’re on vacation.

pool umbrellas

Here are some other outdoor pool decor ideas that can help you turn a basic swimming pool area into a luxurious oasis:

  • Decorating poolside furniture
  • Floating pool decorations
  • Designing an eye-catching pathway
  • Installing a swim-up bar for guests to enjoy cocktails
  • Creating a lush island-inspired garden around the pool

10 - Modernize Your Outdoor Brick Walls

outdoor brick walls

If you prefer contemporary decor over traditional, then outdoor brick walls may seem counterintuitive. 

However, you can modernize the appearance of any brick wall by:

  • Painting your bricks a fresh new color
  • Installing an outdoor brick wall panel
  • Adding wood accents and greenery around the wall

11 - Light-Up a Festive Mood With Lanterns

 bodega outdoor lantern

Lanterns are a beautiful way to make your outdoor space feel warm and welcoming. 

Here are some outdoor lantern decor ideas:

  • Circle your seating areas with outdoor lanterns. 
  • Pair lanterns with string lights when hosting a dinner alfresco. 

Some decor ideas, including hanging lanterns from the ceiling or walls or using them as coffee table centerpieces, can add a festive touch to your space.

12 - Blend the Old With the New

contemporary and lightweight concrete planter

You can create a farmhouse atmosphere that is both contemporary and rustic by incorporating both new and old design features into your outdoor space.

Give your property a unique personality with these farmhouse outdoor decor ideas:

  • Install a vintage mailbox for a touch of old-fashioned charm.
  • Add a front porch swing with wood and aluminum accents.
  • Position large flowers in strategic spots to add color and life to your space.

13 - Bring Life to Your Outdoor Space With Easy DIY Wall Art

coco republic wall art 

One of the easiest, most affordable ways to add personality and life to your outdoor walls is with custom outdoor wall decor.

Here are some DIY outdoor wall decor ideas you can implement:

  • Hang brightly colored lanterns to bring out the color in potted plants.
  • Add a whimsical window for a lovely finishing touch.
  • Install a wall-to-wall mirror to create an illusion of space.

14 - Make a Haven of Serenity With Outdoor Beach Decor

outdoor beach decor

If you love the beach, there’s no reason you can’t bring a piece of that paradise home. Some beach decor ideas that will provide a coastal feel to your outdoor space include:

  • Repurposed PVC pipe seagulls
  • DIY clay pot lighthouse
  • Beach themed chandelier 
  • Seashell succulent garden 

outdoor beach decor

15 - Add a Romantic Victorian Feel With Rustic Decor

Bora concrete stool

Add a Victorian feel to your patio with these rustic outdoor decor ideas to amp up the romance:

  • Add antique mirrors, lace curtains, and other vintage accessories to create a look that is old-fashioned and romantic.
  • Plant a vertical garden to add some freshness.
  • Create a geometric stone fountain for ultimate relaxation.

16 - Create Your Outdoor Getaway With Gazebo Decor

well-decorated gazebo

Gazebos are versatile and can be used for social engagements or self-contemplation.

Here are some outdoor gazebo decor ideas to get you started:

  • Hang planters with colored flowers or green plants.
  • Add a wind chime for a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Place hanging lanterns in your gazebo for a perfect ambiance.
  • Use flowing curtains to improve the aesthetic of your space.

17 - Improve the Look of Your Exterior Entryways

external entryway

Adding outdoor entrance decor to your exterior entryways is a great way to freshen up the look of your home. 

There are many different types of outdoor entrance decor ideas, such as:

  • Hanging a swing or dining chair 
  • Decorating with mirrors
  • Adding a chandelier 
  • Outdoor Lantern? 
  • Installing a bird feeder

18 - Express Your Free Spirit With Boho Decor

bohemian outdoor decor

A bohemian style expresses your free spirit by incorporating a mix of colors, patterns, and textures that create a vibrant feel.

bohemian outdoor decor

Below are a few boho outdoor decor ideas:

  • Add a plethora of lights, such as lamps and pendants, to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Use botanicals, such as ferns and succulents, for a refreshing pop of color.
  • Accessorize with rugs, and throw pillows.

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