7 Home Office Ideas: Setup, Lighting, Storage, Desks & More

7 Home Office Ideas: Setup, Lighting, Storage, Desks & More

Our home office ideas allow you to focus on elements like layout, color, lighting, furniture, storage, and flexibility. These elements play a significant role in inspiring morale, positivity, and productivity. For example, incorporating bright colors into a home office inspires creativity and energy.


In other words, your home office design and atmosphere can affect your attitude toward work. Loving the space you’re in boosts focus, motivation, creativity, and level of productivity. Your home office environment should, therefore, be inviting.


Whether you have a dedicated office space, or you’ve gotten creative with the stair landing or dining area, we’ll give you home office ideas that complement any home office design and decor. 


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Tip 1 — Choose the Right Home Office Flooring 

Setting the right tone for your home office begins with choosing the right flooring. The right flooring sets the scene for how well your home office functions, and it can also complement your decor perfectly.

Before settling on a specific type of flooring, it’s important to consider how often you’ll use the office. If you'll be using your home office frequently, choose a durable floor that can handle the wear and tear of a rolling office chair and constant foot traffic. 

For example, you might want to consider vinyl flooring as it’s tough enough and can withstand the sliding of swivel office chairs and heavy foot traffic. Vinyl flooring is also a great choice for reducing noise pollution, especially during video chats or conference calls.

The table below highlights some of the best flooring options for a home office:

home office flooring

Type of Flooring 


Hardwood flooring 


Classic foundation for any style 

Easy to clean and maintain 

Absorbs sound

Vinyl flooring 

Rustic feel 

Easy installation and maintenance


Scuff and stain resistant

Absorbs sound

Laminate flooring 



Fade and stain resistant 

Easy installation 

Rustic and hardwood look

Absorbs sound

Tip 2 — Define Your Space With an Area Rug 

A rug enhances the home office floor decor. Laying down a colorful rug in your workspace has several benefits, which include:

  • Adding visual interest 
  • Showcasing your taste and sense of style
  • Warming the feet
  • Keeping the office warm 
  • Protecting the floor from the wear and tear of heavier furniture 
  • Enhancing workspace style and decor 
  • Soundproofing—deflects noise

Avoid rugs made of silk and synthetic fibers, as they easily get crushed under the furniture. A tightly woven jute rug is a better choice as it’s durable and can withstand constant foot traffic and allow your chair to glide seamlessly across it. 

Besides being warm and soft, wool rugs also maintain their shape under constant foot traffic and chair movements.

Tip 3 — Make a Focal Point With Wall Art 

wall art for home office

Wall art provides a finishing element that harmonizes the room’s furniture, decor, lighting, and color scheme. Besides adding decorative detail to your walls, wall art can make your home office more inviting and cozy. 

Wall art allows you to set the right mood by incorporating different decoration styles, textures, colors, wall hangings, artifacts, and lighting. You also get something to gaze at during those much-needed work breaks. 

When choosing artwork, consider the size of the piece of art, and the space you’ve got available. Artwork that is too small can be overshadowed by furniture while an overly large piece will appear to be bursting at the edges. 

The examples below highlight wall art ideas that can boost your productivity and create a positive working atmosphere:

Use decorative mirrors to complement modern-rustic styles and decor. Create a mirror gallery wall with different styles of mirrors.

antiqued iron round decorative mirror

A black and white photo of your favorite celebrity conveys a sense of sophistication, style, and calming beauty.

Tina Turner wall art

Tip 4 — Choose a Paint Color That Inspires You

Home office paint color can affect your mood, thoughts, and emotions. Therefore, when choosing a color scheme for your workspace, pick a color that will inspire positive thoughts and emotions. 

For instance, the green color evokes positive emotions. Green relieves stress, inspires creativity, and improves reading ability. A green wall also creates a good background for showcasing art. 

Moreover, you can consider choosing a color that accentuates your personality, as well as your furniture and lighting.

Alternatively, you can install patterned wallpaper to add life and dimension to your workspace. Other benefits of putting wallpaper on your home office wall include:

  • It adds style and personality to your space
  • It hides imperfections
  • It’s highly durable 
  • It’s easier to remove than paint 
modern gold stripe wallpaper

Introduce print and pattern for an inspired and stylish workspace

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Tip 5 — Create a Statement Ceiling

The ceiling is a critical component of your home office design, and a great space to showcase your creativity and originality. Designing your office ceiling allows you to maximize lighting and manage acoustics.  

Additionally, ceiling decor that’s in sync with the rest of the room's decor creates the right ambiance in your home office. Ceiling decor can also elevate your mood because it makes your workspace feel cozier and more comfortable.

You can add some glamor to your home office ceiling by adding eye-catching decorative details such as:

  • False ceiling 
  • Uniform ceiling beams 
  • Wallpaper 
  • Paint 

Additionally, you can wallpaper your ceiling or paint it to give it a modern feel and enhance a neutral space. For example, if your home office wall has patterned wallpaper, consider using one of the colors for your ceiling.

The examples below shows how you can make a statement with your home office ceiling:

Create a more productive environment with a false ceiling. Open up your space by adding overhead or accent lights

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home office false ceiling design

Create an inviting rustic workspace with uniform beams. Beautifully displayed beams add visual and textural contrast

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ceiling beam with flush mount lighting

Wallpaper blends your ceiling into the overall décor, resulting in a visually appealing workspace.

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Achieve a uniform, monochromatic look by matching the color of the ceiling with the wallpaper. 

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matching ceiling color and wallpaper

Tip 6 — Layer Your Lighting 

You can illuminate your workspace with different lighting options, including chandeliers, pendants, LEDs, sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps. Different light fixtures enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a room. 

Furthermore, layered lighting allows you to modify your office for different purposes. For instance, mixing and matching lighting means you can transform your office into a cozy nook for reading late at night. 

You can also transform it into a sophisticated entertainment space, especially if you enjoy watching movies on your laptop or desktop. 

Even so, it’s important to position your lights at an angle that reduces glare and shadows. Consider using a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting based on the type of work and time of day.

The examples below highlight ideas for layering your home office lighting:

Features 10 decorative bulbs that add a chic and sophisticated edge to your high ceiling

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Suspend a pendant over your workspace for directed task lighting

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black office pendant


The luminosity of exposed bulbs sets the scene for your home office art.

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black dot disc sconce

A high-level style sconce adds a soft, subtle accent, and a sleek, airy look to your space.

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white Lewitt 3 sconce

Tip 7 — Get High-Quality Furniture

When you’re done with flooring, wall, ceiling, and lighting, consider investing in high-quality office furniture. Furniture is the centerpiece of your home office. Every piece of furniture plays a significant role in boosting your focus and productivity. 

For instance, stylish storage solutions like shelves, cabinets, bookshelves, and bookcases reduce clutter. A messy workspace can clutter your mind and decrease your productivity.  

Besides using a bookshelf or bookcase to store important documents and books, you can use it to showcase artwork, memorabilia, and picture frames. We offer chic and functional bookshelves in different shapes and sizes so you can find one that suits your room. 

On the other hand, you need a comfortable and high-quality office desk and chair. If you have ample space, consider setting up a small reading and relaxation nook where you can relax, read, make or receive a call, or enjoy a cup of tea. 

The examples below show the different types of furniture you can incorporate into your workspace:

Save space with this sleek, black mobile cabinet with rolling wheels. Fits under any office desk

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sleek and functional Herbert file cabinet

This minimalist bookshelf with open shelving allows you to display artwork and provides easy access your favorite books

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open and angular bookshelf

HD Buttercup's collection of reading chairs can suit every reading and relaxation nook.

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reading chair with a small table


An adjustable standing desk ensures upright posture, concentration, and motivation while minimizing downtime

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Herbert sit and stand desk

We’ve Got the Home Office Essentials You Need

HD Buttercup offers a wide range of well-designed office products that will help you remodel your home office for maximum productivity. Our products feature high-quality materials, and include ergonomic office chairs and desks, storage solutions, lighting, wall art, and decorative mirrors.

We have various options to fit your style and budget. If you’re uncertain how to improve your home office, reach out today or visit our website to learn more.

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