Max Emerson

Max Emerson
Max Emerson is a writer, director, actor and model originally from Vero Beach, Florida. He uses his social media platforms to produce social justice projects. He is currently based in Santa Monica, CA, but spends more than half of his time in other cities around the world. Check his Instagram to find out #whereInTheWorld Max is on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Max's novel Hot Sissy- Life Before Flashbulbs debuted in Miami, with a limited artistic run of 500 numbered copies (complete with original polaroid). They are nearly sold out. The E-Book is for sale at all major online vendors, and free to anyone currently in high school (through the aforementioned website). 

His passion for social justice doesn't stop there – Max crowdsourced funds for a film titled Hooked, a narrative centered around LGBT youth homelessness. Half of the proceeds from the film will go to benefit not-for-profit organizations whose missions align with the cause. To check out more of Max's film projects, his web series include Max Travel, Max’s Underpants, Drag Babies, Revenge Dates and Isolation Station.

Max's boyfriend, Andrés Camilo, is a former Army Captain (combat explosives) currently working in construction cost management. He's often ensnared into Max's social media and other marketing shenanigans. Before the global marketing campaigns and before the military deployment, Andres immigrated from Medellin, Colombia to the USA at age 8. 

On top of ongoing travel/lifestyle/comedy/fashion content, Andres uses his social media platforms for advocacy.  He's committed to sharing diverse LGBTQ+ stories, including his own. Currently on the Military Advisory Council for Modern Military, he fights for LGBTQ+ service members and their families.  

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