When you live in one of the largest cities in the world, there’s no telling whom you might meet at any given moment. If you love to network, make new friends, or just want to find that special someone, you’ll need to fulfil your duties as a host by creating just the right gathering space for you and all your guests. You can entertain all the special people in your life by filling the rooms in your Downtown LA home or apartment with cozy, comfortable furniture that also makes a powerful statement. You won’t find a boring selection of couches, chairs, and recliners at HD Buttercup. We carry an eclectic selection of some of the most sophisticated living and dining room furniture on the market. Bring your interior design dreams to life and check out our selection of living and dining room furniture.

The Coolest Hangout in Town

LA is all about style and your home shouldn’t be an exception. If you want to make the right impression on your guests, come to HD Buttercup for all your living room furniture needs. We have unique couches, chairs, and recliners to help you create a memorable common area. You and your friends can lounge around for hours as you talk about your latest creative project or rest up before your next event. Discover what true style looks like and visit your local HD Buttercup in Downtown LA.

  • Minimalist couches, chairs, and tables
  • Cotton, leather, and velvet sofas and chairs
  • Face-to-face sofas
  • All wood coffee tables
  • Media cabinets, end tables, and storage consoles

Designing the perfect hangout space in Downtown LA is so much easier when you have access to a top-tier furniture store.

Enjoying a Meal Unlike Any Other

If you love to bring people together to enjoy a delicious meal, it might be time to upgrade your home’s dining room furniture. You’re an artist in the kitchen, so why not create a unique dining experience that do more than impress all your guests. We have dozens of dining room furniture sets for you to choose from, including:

  • Highchairs and bar stools
  • Dining benches
  • Porcelain, glass, and wood dining and coffee tables
  • Chandeliers and lighting accessories

Sit your guests down on one of our fur-lined dining chairs or give them a reason to look up with one of our Art Deco chandeliers. You’ll enjoy cooking and hosting so much more when you have the right furniture in your dining room.

Visit us in Downtown LA or place your order online today to get started!

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