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HD Buttercup

What makes a living or dining room special? It needs to be a place where everyone can feel welcome as they enjoy a delicious homecooked meal, some quality entertainment, or just some old-fashioned family bonding. Whatever you like to do with your family members or guests, we have the furniture to help you make the most of your living and dining room. With exquisite styles and stunning details, you’ll love showing off every aspect of your home’s living and dining room. Get the creative juices flowing and see what HD Buttercup can do for you when it comes to designing the perfect living and dining room.

Dining with Elegance

Putting a meal on the table is an accomplishment all its own. So why not make the most of every meal you share with your loved ones by adding just the right dining table and chairs? We have a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles for you to choose from online or at our showroom in San Francisco. Browse the following dining room furniture styles:

  • Dante dining chairs and tables
  • Bohemian dining chairs and tables
  • Rueben dining tables and chairs
  • Kahn dining tables and chairs
  • New York dining tables and chairs
  • And so much more!

If you love adding a bit of color and style to the space, you can try going with one of our striking woven or velvet center stools. We also have vintage items like classic schoolhouse chairs, Art Deco-inspired chairs, and slim highchairs. You can easily create a unique space to make sure your guests are more than impressed.

Spending Quality Time Together

There’s usually at least one room in every house that designed to bring everyone together. Whether it’s the rec room, living room, or family room, you and your loved ones should have a fun-filled area that’s full of stylish and yet comfortable furniture. Spending time together is important, and you can improve everyone’s experience when you line the walls with plush, ornate sofas, sophisticated leather couches, or an octagonal sofa with enough room for everyone in your family. We have the following styles in stock in San Francisco:

  • Dorset sofas and chairs
  • Capetown sofas and chairs
  • Sawyer sofas and chairs
  • Face-to-face sofas
  • Leather sofas and chairs
  • Mohair sofas and chairs
  • And dozens more

Create the ultimate gathering space in your home and visit your local HD Buttercup today in San Francisco!