Our iconic LA furniture emporium was created in the mid-aughts by our fearless leader Evan Cole, who previously ran and lived above the seminal New York store ABC home and furniture. We’re furniture people through and through; we've spent decades traveling the world and forming relationships with furniture designers and manufacturers from Italy to Australia to Vietnam, both bring their best designs stateside and developing exclusive pieces together. We camp out in souks in Morocco and India haggling over rug prices over tea. We also provide a home for some of our favorite brands such as Timothy Oulton, Interlude and Coco Republic. We offer furniture for people who love furniture and are seeking soulful, meaningful pieces for their home. We’re a place for curious spirits and rebellious hearts.

Today is a new day at HD Buttercup, this new virtual home you are visiting, is a place where we tell the stories of our products and the people who designed and made them. We step into the present, both with intention and the values which we hold dear.

We also plan to tell the stories of some of our favorite people in Los Angeles and beyond. The dreamers and the makers, the creatives and the people who’ve left a mark in the world. Ours is a community of young and the more experienced, the reckless and the wise and we look forward to sharing their stories with you.

If you want to know more or start a conversation, you can reach us at support@hdbuttercup.com. We’d love to hear from you.