37 Stand Out Dining Room Ideas

37 Stand Out Dining Room Ideas

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Some may call it contentious but we think it’s true; your dining room’s design is just as essential to your home’s overall decor as your living room (and even kitchen) design. 

Think about it. In one very important way, it is the heart of your home. It is where you get to eat and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Its status as the locus of the family experience stretches back millennia. 

And today it’s quite easy to get dizzied by all the seat paddings, table designs, and lighting fixtures available on the decor market. 

We might not all be equally persnickety about aesthetics, but, come dinnertime, we all want to be in a clutter-free room that’s neat and says something about our familial taste. 

We’ve brought together 37 pristine dining sets and collated them from top to bottom—noting in each piece one or two cool ideas you might want to recreate—from your ceiling, lighting, and furniture design down to your rugs and flooring

Ceiling Ideas for Your Dining Room 

On a well-calibrated function-luxury spectrum, this first batch of dining sets exemplifies the very best when it comes to ceiling and lighting designs. 

As you scroll further down, you might feel the minimalist tone begin to fade as the pieces slowly away from comfort and simplicity, and more towards elegance and flourish

Lighting Ideas 

cool, square dining design made of solid wood

Solid-Timber offers:

  • An artsy chandelier that matches the seat padding 
  • A varnished floorboard 

seats set under a ribbed chandelier

 Matured-Timber offers:

  • A high-set rural lighting piece
  • Abstract artwork to punctuate the wall’s monotony

Chandelier Ideas

Earnest-Cozy offers:

  • A brilliant white-yellow color scheme 
  • A table vase to mellow out the room’s austere tone

large circular table over a bold, west-european carpet

Evening-Classical offers:

  • Tautly sown, brown padding on seats
  • Black, circular table with thick, solid design 

Product peek: Tillary Chandelier

chandelier with three adjustable and rearrangeable crossing arms

Modern Ideas

standard chair legs similar to the symmetrical-minimalist theme

Dainty-Minimalist offers: 

  • A simple dome pendant light placated on the wall
  • A plain white wall punctuated by plants and artwork
  • A simple three-seat circular design
exterior dining room with 2 bench seats overlooking a serene view

Serene-Minimalist offers: 

  • Natural lighting doubling up as scenic view of adjacent palms during the day
  • A flat table-seat orientation built into corridor/porch space

Product peek: Office Pendant – Black

large dome pendant light with a softly rounded powder-coated shade

Wall Ideas for Your Dining Room

The textbook advice here is to strike the right balance between silent and bold, but really there are no rules set in stone. 

It all mostly depends on your inner palate—the rest you can figure out by playing around with the dining placement and lighting (both artificial and natural). 

Paint Ideas 

compact symmetrical setup in a semi-detached room

Compact-Timber offers: 

  • Plain white wall with well-lit, cinematic placement 
  • 4 sturdy seats + a circular table with a tree trunk as a stand 

back-curved seats, glass table adjacent to the living room

Slanted-Cozy offers: 

  • A bold and busy multi-color scheme with artsy brick patterning on the walls 
  • In-lounge placement that’d go well with a green-colored living room 

Wallpaper/Decor Ideas

Dizzy-Timber offers: 

  • A bold, animal-themed wallpaper design 
  • Pure-timber tribal back-boards on seats 
  • A bold, dizzying blue-white carpet design

8 curved back-board seats white walling, around a plain, elongated table

Neat-Minimalist offers: 

  • Abstract artwork punctuates the wall’s monotony 
  • Large, theme-appropriate chandelier 

Product peek: Helsinki Art Print

abstract linework portrait printed on cotton-pressed archival paper

Furniture Ideas for Your Dining Room

What kind of dining furniture should you look for? 

Answer: Functional, yes, but also comfortable — that’s the idea here. 

You don’t just want to be rested on a softly padded seat as you dine. You also want your gaze to meet the rest of the room with ease. 

<p><span style=quote from Michael Pollan


The following pieces speak to those who are looking for a breathable dining space with well-designed tables, seats, and storage cabinets. 

Storage Ideas 

oval table and 6 chairs under a strobe chandelier

Noir-Cozy offers: 

  • Storage cabinets super-imposed on the lower walls 
  • A deliberately dark seat tone that contrasts well with the bright wall and table

high ceilings over curved back-board seats on a rustic carpet

Delicate-Minimalist offers: 

  • Small storage platforms spanning the room’s width 
  • Dainty chair legs which exemplify the minimalism

Cabinet Ideas

low-set chairs, solid and functional high table

Modern-Rustic offers: 

  • A perfect infusion of modern sensibility in an awe-inspiring rural design
  • Low-set cabinets with a cubed design

glossy ceiling piece overlooking a luxurious dining set

Italian-Majestic offers:

  • A silver cabinet that boasts mafia-like ostentation
  • A large, glossy table of anti-minimalist orientation
  • A royal noir color scheme with subtle hints of orange
two-door cabinet with walnut shelves decorated with brass butterfly handles

Shelf Ideas

4 light seats, circular table neatly placed between bookshelves

Soft-Rustic offers:

  • Dainty seat design with an hour-glass shaped table 
  • Multi-functional space: a dining-library blend perfect for the polymath

minimalist wooden chair design with slanting back-boards

 Economical-Timber offers: 

  • Deliberately artsy and breathable room design 
  • Thin, downwards-curved back-boards on seats

Product peek: Very Good & Proper Bookcase – Natural Oak

brand bookcase that offers ample shelving and a sturdy construction

Table Decor Ideas 

exterior dining room set-up with just two low-set seats

Conversational-Classical offers:

  • An interrogative design; perfect for an austere homeowner 

6 gray, fluffy seats, and a thin glass table

Feathery-Cozy offers: 

  • Translucent lace curtaining 
  • Feathery seats padding 
  • Disco-shaped chandelier

Tables Centerpiece Ideas

solid marble table on top of which sits a golden centerpiece

Autumn-Timber offers: 

purely wooden table, white-padded chairs

Lignite-Timber offers:

Quote from Chantal Larocque

Flooring Ideas for Your Dining Room 

A good rug isn’t just a soft placemat to place your dining set (or feet) on. It serves as a functional backdrop which, if chosen well, sets the perfect tone for your dining room. 


For your flooring, you want to pay most attention to: 

  • High-traffic zones: what spots are walked on the most? 
  • Aesthetics: does the color and patterning gel well with the rest of your dining set? 
  • Shape & symmetry: what’s the most suitable rug/carpet placement given your floor’s dimension? 

Plain Rug Ideas 

4 blue seats arranged neatly around a circular marble table


Symmetrical-Minimalist offers: 

  • An obsessively symmetrical orientation
  • Office-like seats with a unique rhombic leg design 

Product peek: Himapata Snow Jute Rug

eco-friendly jute rug of subtle, soft texture

Area Rugs Ideas

solid rectangular marble table and lots of natural lighting 

Graceful-Cozy offers: 

  • A striped rug that perfectly gels with the table-chair color scheme 
  • A solid table perfect for extra-dining team use: games, drawing, etc 

“Rustic” Ideas for Your Dining Room 

For the rustic theme, we gathered homely, simple yet adorned dining pieces. 

Squint your eyes and you will spot it—The silent wooden spirals; the svelte finish that verges on the rural

3 pairs of seats, glass table set upon a firm but unostentatious stand

Plump-Majestic offers:

modern rustic dining design verging on majestic

Sicilian-Rustic offers:

  • A luxuriously exotic wooden finish on the dining table 
  • A homogenous table varnish with accompanying glass pipe ornaments

“Modern Farmhouse” Ideas for Your Dining Room

The sensibility in these two pieces will appeal most to those raised in the countryside

medieval design that verges on minimalist

Conservative-Classical offers:

  • Hammock-like seat design
  • A leather leg stand in case you want to put your feet up

view-adjacent dining room perfect for a lakehouse 

Slender-Rustic offers: 

  • Curved wood-framed seats
  • An open wall design overlooking a gorgeous view of the nearby fauna 

“Coastal” Ideas for Your Dining Room 

Are you the sort of person who likes to “knock on wood?” Or maybe you’re the kind to sport all-denim at a picnic? 

6 hand-weaved chairs around a solid, oval table

If yes, then these smooth timber selections are for you. 

Fibrous-Timber offers: 

  • A 100% timber infusion on the coastal table with spiral design 
  • Handmade reed design on seat blackboards

mushroom dining design adjacent to a small wall shelf

Delightful-Rustic offers:

  • Uniquely designed seat blackboards
  • Majestic flower centerpiece

Wondering Who Curated All These Pieces? 

Yep, us: HD Buttercup

For decades now, we have traveled the world in search of auteur designers. 

We’ve forged relationships with manufacturers from Vietnam to Australia to Italy, all of whom have brought their ideas stateside and developed pieces together. 

We eat, sleep, and breathe furniture. But you don’t have to take it from us. Here are some testimonials:

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HD Buttercup’s auteur, Evan Cole, created our iconic furniture emporium in LA, and it is in this sanctuary that we have carved out our most cherished pieces and worked with world-renowned furniture brands (Timothy Oulton, Interlude, Coco Republic, etc).

Today is a new day at HD Buttercup, this new virtual home you are visiting, is a place where we tell the stories of our products and the people who designed and made them. We step into the present, both with intention and the values which we hold dear.

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